Short Course PHP Framework Codeigniter

Course Introduction

Learn how to exploit the powerful synergy between PHP, HTML, and MySQL to build dynamic websites. This entails: Learning how to use PHP to Manipulate files, text, and images. Learning something about PHP to send dynamically created email, and to connect to relational databases MySQL), Use our PHP knowledge to build a working web applications. This entails: Working with a Model-View-Controller template system. Working with images and files. Sending e -mail. Using a MySQL database to store and retrieve information. Explore PHP 5's new object model Learn to use PHP 5's exceptions to handle errors. Understand PHP 5's libraries

Course Outline

  • Introduction of PHP OOP & Framework
  • Basic PHP Concept
  • Setup the Codeigniter
  • Working wit Database
  • Running & Generating Queries and Field Data
  • Building Web Application
  • Create Library & Helper
  • Season Handling & Study Case
  • Enhancing with android powerful feature
  • Publishing the mobile application
  • Adding Social Feature